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At Air Services, located in Rancho Cordova, California, our team of skilled technicians provides custom HVAC system design and implementation for commercial applications. Our engineers, designers, and CAD professionals develop practical cost-effective solutions to any mechanical and fire sprinkler system design. Contact us at (888) 605-3471 for more information regarding our services or to schedule a consultation.

We provide design and installation of HVAC and fire sprinkler systems for central plants, built-up VAV systems, packaged rooftop systems, and hot, chilled, and condenser water piping systems. Our technicians specialize in split refrigeration systems to meet the needs of any renovation or new construction project.

Air Services has years of experience installing every type of mechanical system in virtually every type of facility. Whether it's new construction, a major renovation, remodel, or unit change out, we have the engineering, estimating, project management, and field teams to meet the requirements.

Our sheet metal fabrication shop allows us to offer quick response when needed or "just in time" material delivery to our jobs. Our fabrication shop also allows us to schedule our work and not be dependant on someone else. We fabricate to provide customer service and quality, control job cost and schedule, diversify ASI product offerings, and set us ahead of our competition.

Our design professionals are capable of working with an external design team, adding our construction experience to their engineering expertise.

Planned Replacement & Leasing
We assist in developing a program for property owners that will plan the replacement of major HVAC equipment in aging buildings and protect their cash flow.

Welding, HVAC System Design in Rancho Cordova, CA
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